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Discover how Bible-centered discipleship training has
helped thousands climb higher in their walk with God . . .

What we teach

We teach a three step process aimed at giving you the skills you need to take in God’s Word effectively, live it out practically, and pass it on to others consistently.

Specifically–here’s what you will learn:

Step 1: Memorization
Eager to start memorizing God’s Word? We’ll show you exactly what it takes to memorize successfully…

Step 2: Discipleship
Ready to explore the secrets of “real life” discipleship? We’ll give you nuts and bolts skills for living the life of faith…

Step 3: Revival
Ultimately, God wants to empower you as an agent of revival. We’ll show you exactly what it takes to multiply…

Step 1: Memorization

Step 2: Discipleship

Step 3:

Why Do We Teach?

There are great people everywhere, who love God and want to make a difference in the cause of Christ. But…

Few have been taught the nuts and bolts of the Christian life. Lot’s of theological information, but not much real world transformation.

That’s why this site exists. To offer cutting-edge, Bible-centered tools and training. To help every believer grow in concrete, actionable ways.

To help YOU achieve your full potential in Christ…

I’m personally convinced this work is more important now than ever, as we seem right on the brink of earth’s final revival. That it’s time for God’s people, to fulfill our prophetic destiny. Don’t you think so too?